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The gong bath experience is a journey through sound. While sitting or lying comfortably on a mat, recipients are bathed in layer upon layer of deep, rich, swelling sound waves. The Vibrations have a healing effect at a cellular level - cleansing blocked energy and nourishing and renewing the body.

Please bring a mat, blanket and pillow to be comfortable lying on the floor.

Pre-register to reserve your place

60 minute gong sound mediation cost $25

90 minute gong sound mediation cost $30

Doors open half hour before gong bath

Gong Weekend Workshop

Friday May 11 - Sunday May 13

Details click here


Gong workshop May 11, 12 & 13               Wisteria Acres   Register here

Sunday, May 13 - 2:30 -4:00pm (90min)    Wisteria Acres, 8648 Armstrong Rd, Langley


Sunday, April 22 - 2:30 -4:00pm (90min      Wisteria Acres, 8648 Armstrong Rd, Langley

TBA - 7:00-8:00 pm  (60min)                       Yoga on 7th, 156 E. 7th Ave.

Special event Qi Gong & Gong Bath ($40)

Saturday, April 28th - 7:00-9:15pm   Master Gee’s 5508 East Hastings , Vancouver  (register)

Gong Workshop Intro ($65)